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Architecture: Service


Owners' love for modern design and entertainment events influenced the selected layout of the apartment and the choice of design. 



The architecture these days have been very playful in every way. The design is now mixed with functionality and luxurious elements that create a Place that is blended with character and design.  It is important for houses to be built by professionals so that you are sure that the place is always above standard constructions.



The mind-boggling structure has included a movement of boxes in contrasting scales and finished in materials including wood, glass, and stone. Immense windows, walkouts, and porches unite nature and building. Warm and insinuate, this relaxing region is revolved around a wood-clad chimney – a gritty component that echoes the trees noticeable through the floor-to-roof.

v_5 - Photo.jpg


Spotless, contemporary lines coincided with warm, natural components make an environment of peacefulness and smoothness. Intended for a happy living for you and your family, houses manufactured and propelled to mirror the magnificence and immortality of innovation.



Aside from simply taking a gander at nature, the immense bank of glass enables inhabitants to venture out into it!

Beside just looking, the gigantic bank of glass empowers occupants to wander out into it! Inside the tall, timber volume, a glass go up against allows the light and viewpoints to enter, edifying a crumpled wood and steel condition. 



Design made to make a vibe of a resort with open spaces, a loosening up the vibe, trademark tints, and moderate upgrades. In the wake of picking to build up a faultless and tropical-like outside, they comparatively finished the look of the home with a blend of present day and normal impacts.


We act as an extended arm of client’s studio, providing documentation services for Architectural projects. Our architects are trained on global design standards and construction technology. Owing to our specialisation, our team value-adds by proactively working on projects even with minimal inputs.

Architectural design is a creative activity that converts the potential of a landscape into a beautiful edifice. This process greatly involves the creativity and management creating structures that meet the practical needs of people.

Today, a unique design is an integral part of any project. For a beautiful and well-created structure, the services of an architect are greatly implored.

We have completed several Architectural projects including

  • Institutional & Public Buildings

  • Malls and Retail Outlets

  • Rollout of Retail Outlets

  • Residential & Multi-story Buildings

  • Hotels and Resorts

  • Restaurants & Clubs

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Renovation of Resorts and Office Buildings

The documentation is produced in accordance with AIA and RIBA architectural standards.



The recently opened Opus building by Zaha Hadid Architects brings an interplay of solid and void, fluidity and orthogonality to the Dubai cityscape. New images by award-winning photographer Laurian Ghinitoiu capture the project’s sculptural silhouette, the studio’s distinct architectural signature.

The building showcases a sharp contrast between the fluidity of the void and the straight lines of the built volume. As described by the design team, “the Opus was designed as two separate towers that coalesce into a singular whole—taking the form of a cube. The cube has been ‘eroded’ in its centre, creating a free-form void that is an important volume of the design in its own right”. The two sides of the building are linked at ground level by a four-storey atrium and also 71 metres above the ground by a three-storey sky-bridge.

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